18th World Refugee Day – 20 June 2018

20 June 2018 marks the 18th anniversary of the international observance of the World Refugee Day.

Today, the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) is honoured to present the latest results of the Regional Housing Programme (RHP) and to introduce some of its beneficiaries in each of the four Partner Countries which are implementing the programme: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia.

Financed through a multi-donor Fund with total pledges amounting to EUR 244 million, the RHP provides sustainable housing to the most vulnerable refugees and displaced persons following the 1991-1995 conflicts on the territory of the former Yugoslavia. The provision of decent and durable accommodation is a first step towards a sustainable and self-sufficient life.

Thanks to the generosity of the European Union as its main Donor, the U.S.A, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Italy and others, as well as the support from UNHCR, OSCE and the CEB, the RHP has so far delivered some 3 000 housing units to more than 9 000 vulnerable individuals. When completed, the programme is expected to have provided new homes to over 11 000 families.

Get the latest information on RHP here:

Meet some RHP beneficiaries here:

RHP info desk:  Secretariat of the Regional Housing Programme

  • 20 Jun, 2018
  • Aleksandra

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