Ane Plavcic, Vitez, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ane Plavcic (70) had lived in the old house in Travnik for 45 years, until the very beginning of the war. When the house was damaged by the grenade, she moved with her family to her sister’s house right next to their plot. Her sister lives in Germany, so they could use it – it only got a bit crowded during the holidays. Ane applied to RHP for a reconstruction of the old house, but as it was in a very bad state, they received the approval for a newly built one. She heard before about some refugees that received a housing solution, but at first she didn’t want to apply because she thought there are many even more vulnerable than her.

At first, she has been offered an apartment in the center of Vitez. This wouldn’t suit her, as they breed chicken, pigs and a cow. The new house they finally got will be equipped with the access for disabled persons, because one of Ane’s sons has cerebral paralysis since his birth. Once they have moved into a ground-floor house, which will be probably by the end of the year 2017, it will be a new life for all of them. The house will be full, with both sons, a daughter-in-law and two grandchildren living together. The family is very helpful, as Ane is too old to take care for her son herself. Without the RHP they wouldn’t have a chance for a housing solution. To start the building of a new house by themselves, it would be too expensive, as the whole family is living out of her pension and her son’s social care, while the other son and his wife work occasionally.

“Now we are very happy, as you see the yard is full of workers and the construction is progressing well. You are all kindly invited for a coffee once we have moved in!”

  • 28 Apr, 2017
  • Jovan

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