Construction of the Home for the Elderly in Glina, Croatia, officially launched

The State Office for Reconstruction and Housing Care, which is the RHP Lead Institution in Croatia, hosted on 7 September 2015 a ceremony to mark the official launch of construction works of a home for 75 elderly and disabled persons in the city of Glina. The ceremony was attended by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Social Policy and Youth, Ms Milanka Opacic, together with other representatives from the Croatian Government and RHP stakeholders. The main RHP donor, the European Commission, as well as the U.S., UNHCR and the CEB were also present.

The home for the elderly and disabled in Glina will provide accommodation as well as social and health care for 75 elderly and disabled refugees, returnees and IDPs who are currently living in organised accommodation, and who, due to their health condition and age, are in need of organised care. By being part of the national welfare system, the services and care provided in the home will be in accordance with the standards prescribed by the Croatian legislation. The construction works are scheduled to be finished by October 2016.

Statement by the Deputy Prime Minister: “Croatian citizens are especially sensitive to the issue of displaced persons and refugees, having already experienced it. In the current refugee crisis as well, Croatia will accommodate the required number of refugees, as agreed with the European Commission. We will not lift the walls, wire fences, or shoot at the refugees, who are fleeing violence, terror and death”.

The benefits of this sub-project are twofold: not only will it provide housing to the registered refugees and returnees still living in organised accommodation, but it will also reinforce Croatian infrastructure in the field of elderly care, thus helping accommodate other persons in need well beyond the lifespan of the RHP.

  • 8 Sep, 2015
  • Jovan

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