RHP achievements and lessons learnt discussed at RHP Legacy Workshop

Vienna, 10 May 2019 – An RHP Legacy Workshop, organized by the CEB and hosted by the OSCE, brought all RHP stakeholders together to discuss RHP achievements and lessons learnt. The Legacy Workshop was opened by the Director of the OSCE Conflict Prevention Centre, Ambassador Marcel Peṧko. Its objective was to allow the RHP family to reflect on the RHP experience to date and draw policy recommendations that can inform future programmes in the area of social / refugee housing in the Balkan region and beyond.

Valuable lessons on issues such as multilateral cooperation, programme design and execution, as well as ensuring a sustainable impact, can be derived from the RHP, which is currently in its 7th year of implementation and has already delivered more than 4 500 housing solutions to vulnerable refugee families.

















Policy recommendations transpiring from discussions on the Legacy of the RHP, as well as from a thorough desk review and a critical mass of interviews with the RHP partner countries, international institutions and bilateral donors, will be compiled in a publication that will be available in early 2020.

  • 10 May, 2019
  • Jovan

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