2021 Annual Report of the RHP Fund published

Paris, 16 May 2022 – 2021 was another eventful and successful year for the Regional Housing Programme. Thanks to the intensification of support to Partner Countries, and the combined robust efforts of all stakeholders, a further 1 020 homes were delivered, bringing the total number of homes delivered to more than 8 820. Thanks to these additional deliveries, the number of vulnerable refugees and displaced persons who had received a decent home exceeded 26 000 at end 2021. Just as importantly, a further 2 100 homes were in progress at year end, with encouraging prospects of delivery in 2022.

Notwithstanding these efforts, the pace of implementation in 2021 was unfortunately reduced. Cognisant of the considerable challenges posed by the tenacious COVID-19 pandemic to RHP implementation, RHP Donors approved a final one-year extension of the implementation period of the Programme until June 2023. In the crucial final months to come, the continued robust support of Donors and – most importantly – joint efforts of Partner Countries and other stakeholders, will be a vital element in securing homes for the targeted displaced and refugee families in need and contributing to the important reconciliation process across the Western Balkans.

  • 16 May, 2022
  • Jovan

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