Bosnia and Herzegovina Country Housing Project Bosnia and Herzegovina has made significant progress in its Country Housing Project implementation, with the completion of close to 2 500 housing units by the end of 2022. A number of outstanding issues have been resolved, paving the way to the successful closure of the Programme. Nina Mišković
National Coordinator
Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Nermina Džepar-Ganibegović
Country Housing Project (CHP) Lead Manager
Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees
Bosnia and Herzegovina

June 2023 figures


Between 1992 and 1995, as a result of the conflict in former Yugoslavia, 2.2 million persons, or more than half of the pre-war population, fled their homes in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). Of these, 1.2 million left the country to seek refugee protection abroad, while approximately one million were displaced within BiH. Aside from the devastating human impact of the war, nearly 500 000 homes, or almost half of all housing units in the country, were either partially or completely destroyed.

The Regional Housing Programme (RHP) aims to provide durable housing solutions to vulnerable refugees, internally displaced persons (IDPs) and returnees, either in their places or origin or of displacement. Overall, 26 500 applications for RHP housing assistance have been received from those wishing to return to their pre-war homes in BiH, in addition to others wishing to integrate within local communities in the country. Altogether, close to 2 800 housing solutions should be delivered under the approved sub-projects, to the benefit of more than 8 200 most-vulnerable persons.

April 2023 figures


Sub-project BiH1

Provision of building materials to 20 families and turnkey reconstruction assistance to 146 families

Sub-project BiH2

Reconstruction of 825 family houses for return and reintegration or local integration; design of 198 houses and design/review of 251 apartments (BiH6); technical sustainability measures for BiH1, BiH2 and BiH4

Sub-project BiH3

Construction of 567 flats in multiapartment buildings for refugees and IDPs (extended)

Sub-project BiH4

Reconstruction of 399 family houses for the return of refugees and IDPs and construction of 82 family houses for local integration of displaced persons

Sub-project BiH5

Re/construction of 50 family houses for local integration and re/construction of 475 family houses for return of refugees and displaced persons

Sub-project BiH6

Re/construction of 216 family houses and construction of 353 flats in multi-apartment buildings for displaced persons and returnees

Bosnia and Herzegovina Factsheet - April 2023

April 2023 figures




The Ministry has the overall responsibility for the BiH Country Housing Project implementation, management, co-ordination, supervision, follow-up and evaluation. It is in charge, inter alia, of the development of sub-projects; the supervision of beneficiary selection; the conclusion of inter-institutional agreements; the submission of procurement plans to the CEB, as well as of monitoring and drafting CHP/sub-project monitoring reports.


Given the administrative set-up in BiH, the role of the PIUs is ensured separately in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the Republika Srpska and in the District of Brcko. Duties are performed by entity institutions responsible for the refugee/IDP/returnee issues, including housing portfolio, as follows:


Federal Ministry of Displaced Persons and Refugees
The Federal Ministry is in charge of administrative, professional and other tasks of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the areas of displaced persons, refugees and returnees.


Republic Secretariat of Displaced Persons and Migration
The Department for Reconstruction is responsible for all aspects of (re)construction related to refugee/ IDP/returnee issues (e.g. planning, procurement, contracting, financial management) and closely cooperates with other relevant ministries.


Department of the Brcko District Government for Refugees, IDPs and Housing Issues
The Department is responsible for the whole refugee/IDP/returnee portfolio in the District of Brcko, including housing issues (e.g. rights to tenancy, alternative accommodation, provisions for the socially vulnerable, reconstruction of private housing).


Find out by contacting the RHP Lead institution:

Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Trg Bosne i Hercegovine 1, 71000 Sarajevo
+387 33 703 907


Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees

of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Trg Bosne i Hercegovine 1, 71000 Sarajevo
+387 33 703 907

Republic Secretariat of Displaced Persons

and Migration

Trg Republike Srpske 1, 78000 Banja Luka
+387 51 338 312

Federal Ministry of

Displaced Persons and Refugees

Hamdije Ćemerlića 2, 71000 Sarajevo
+387 33 667 298

The Department of Brcko District Government for

Displaced Persons, Refugees and Housing Issues

Bulevar mira 1, 76100 Brcko district BiH
+387 49 240 600