250 displaced families receive keys to new RHP homes in Ovča, Serbia 23 August 2023 “We are looking forward to a new and more promising chapter in our lives”: receive keys to new RHP homes in Istočno Novo Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina 17 August 2023 “My work colleague became my new neighbour today”: A further 15 displaced families 36 refugee families receive keys to new RHP homes in Pančevo, Serbia 3 July 2023 “With our new apartments, our lives have new meaning”: Keys to 18 apartments are handed over to refugee families in Aranđelovac, Serbia 23 June 2023 Another step closer to a successful conclusion of the RHP: 2022 Annual Report of the RHP Fund published 20 April 2023




To raise funds for the RHP, an international Donors’ Conference was held in Sarajevo in 2012. During this conference, the EU and Donor countries pledged EUR 261 million in support of the Regional Housing Programme.

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The RHP has made significant progress since the delivery of its first housing solutions in 2014. By the end of July 2022, the Programme had delivered more than 9 600 homes to more than 28 000 most-vulnerable persons.

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The table shows financial and implementation status of sub-projects in the four Partner Countries.

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By end-June 2023

Annual Report 2022