RHP Donors

To raise funds for the RHP, an international Donors’ Conference was held in Sarajevo on 24 April 2012. During this conference, the European Union, the United States of America, Germany, Norway, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Türkiye, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Romania, the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic, Hungary and the former United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Ms Sadako Ogata, pledged EUR 261 million in support of the RHP. Subsequent contributions by the European Union, the United States, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Spain and the Czech Republic brought the total of funds committed to the RHP to EUR 294 million. Of this amount, EUR 247 million was committed to the RHP Fund.

The European Commission

The European Union represented by the European Commission, is the main Donor to the RHP. Out of a total of EUR 294 million committed to the Programme, the European Commission contributed EUR 238 million, i.e. 81%.

In addition to the EUR 193 million committed to the RHP Fund and the approximately EUR 1 million channelled to UNHCR, the European Commission has made a bilateral contribution of EUR 43 million to cover technical assistance for the RHP Partner Countries and part of their operating costs, as well as the CEB's programme management costs.

Olivér Várhelyi

Commissioner for Neighbourhood and Enlargement,
European Commission

The Regional Housing Programme (RHP) strengthens the region’s social cohesion and economic growth. By providing secure housing to vulnerable people, the RHP promotes social integration and creates conditions for more resilient and prosperous communities. By delivering new housing in the region, the RHP also promotes energy resilient solutions by using energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in newly-constructed buildings, resulting in more affordable energy and better living conditions.

More than ever, in these challenging times, we need to support those who are in a disadvantaged situation. With this Programme, we can improve their lives for the benefit of all. We look forward to the successful completion of the RHP at the end of 2023, by which time 34 000 people in need will enjoy a decent home in the Western Balkans.

Statements by Main Bilateral Donors

Susanne Schütz

Director for South-Eastern Europe, Türkiye, OSCE and Council of Europe
Federal Foreign Office, Germany

In 2022, the RHP has taken another important step forward by providing 1 300 housing solutions for the most-vulnerable refugees and displaced persons. I congratulate Partner Countries and the RHP for these achievements. Let us now continue our joint efforts to accomplish the completion of the Programme in 2023!

Kristin Melsom

Section for South-East Europe
Department for European Affairs
Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Norway has been actively engaged in the Regional Housing Programme since its inception in 2012. Now, we are in the last half-year of implementation, and we urge the Partner Countries to finalise as many housing units as possible and ensure that the already-selected beneficiaries secure housing solutions after the closure of the RHP.

Richard Kohli

Head of Cooperation Embassy of Switzerland in the Republic of Serbia and to Montenegro

Support for the RHP has been an important component of Swiss cooperation with the Western Balkans, as the Programme significantly contributed to the resolution of the protracted displacement of so many families and became a source of true inspiration.

Financing of implementation support

One of the key features of the RHP is that it is implemented by the Partner Countries themselves, enabling them to build capacities for future housing projects. To help them implement the Programme according to best practice, they benefit from implementation support such as technical assistance.

This implementation support is financed mainly by the EU. In addition to the EUR 193 million committed to financing housing projects and the approximately EUR 1 million channelled to UNHCR, the European Commission has made a bilateral contribution of EUR 43 million to finance such implementation support measures. Other Donor countries also committed further funds to that purpose: Germany EUR 1 million, Norway EUR 0.6 million, Switzerland EUR 0.5 million, and Spain EUR 0.3 million.

In addition, several Donor countries are supporting RHP governance and visibility activities. These Donors are Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and the Slovak Republic. Altogether, they have provided EUR 0.3 million.