RHP Donors

To raise funds for the RHP, an international Donors’ Conference was held in Sarajevo on 24 April 2012. During this conference, the European Union, the United States of America, Germany, Norway, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Türkiye, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Romania, the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic, Hungary and the former United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Ms Sadako Ogata, pledged EUR 261 million in support of the RHP. Subsequent contributions by the European Union, the United States, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Spain and the Czech Republic brought the total of funds committed to the RHP to EUR 294 million. Of this amount, EUR 247 million was committed to the RHP Fund.

The European Commission

The European Union, represented by the European Commission, was the main Donor to the RHP. Out of a total of EUR 294 million committed to the Programme, the European Commission contributed EUR 238 million, i.e. 81%.

In addition to the EUR 193 million committed to the RHP Fund and the approximately EUR 1 million channelled to UNHCR, the European Commission made a bilateral contribution of EUR 43 million to cover technical assistance for the RHP Partner Countries and part of their operating costs, as well as the CEB's programme management costs.

Olivér Várhelyi

Commissioner for Neighbourhood and Enlargement,
European Commission

We want to decrease the economic divide between the European Union and our Western Balkan partners, and prepare them for the competition of the EU Single Market. With the new Western Balkans Growth Plan which is reinforcing the EUR 30 billion Economic and Investment Plan, we are offering opportunities like never before in the region.

The Regional Housing Programme is a remarkable example of reconciliation. The Commission is very proud to be the main Donor, and appreciates the Programme’s impressive achievements.

Statements by Main Bilateral Donors

Michael Reiffenstuel

Director for South-Eastern Europe, Turkey, OSCE and Council of Europe
Federal Foreign Office, Germany

Thanks to the Regional Housing Programme, close to 36 000 displaced individuals have found a new home, thus ending their displacement. The Programme significantly contributed to the promotion of regional cooperation, peace and stability in the Western Balkans. I am very grateful to all parties involved.

Lars Andersen

Director, Section for South-East Europe, Department for European Affairs and International Trade
Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Norway is proud to have been part of the RHP, which has proved to be very successful despite challenges faced, and which has been an excellent example of regional and efficient cooperation between the Partner Countries, CEB, UNHCR, OSCE, the EU and the bilateral donors throughout 11 years.

Andrea Studer

Ambassador and Deputy Director of the Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development
Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

The Regional Housing Programme has enabled tens of thousands of displaced people to integrate into their places of displacement, or return to their homes and make a fresh start. This success allows us to hand the leadership back to the national authorities to continue supporting these vulnerable persons.

Financing of implementation support

One of the key features of the RHP was that the Programme was implemented by the Partner Countries themselves, enabling them to build capacities for future housing projects. To help them implement the Programme according to best practice, they benefitted from implementation support such as technical assistance.

This implementation support was financed mainly by the EU. In addition to the EUR 193 million committed to financing housing projects and the approximately EUR 1 million channelled to UNHCR, the European Commission made a bilateral contribution of EUR 43 million to finance such implementation support measures. Other Donor countries also committed further funds to that purpose: Germany EUR 1 million, Norway EUR 0.6 million, Switzerland EUR 0.5 million, and Spain EUR 0.3 million.

In addition, several Donor countries supported RHP governance and visibility activities. These Donors were Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and the Slovak Republic. Altogether, they provided EUR 0.3 million.