After the Donors’ Conference held in Sarajevo in April 2012, the CEB, in coordination with the Donors, set up the RHP Fund, to hold contributions in favour of the RHP.

Of the total EUR 160 million committed, EUR 121 million has been committed by the European Union, represented by the European Commission, i.e. 76%. In addition, the Commission has committed a bilateral contribution of EUR 27 million to cover technical assistance for the Partner Countries and part of their operating costs, as well as the CEB’s programme management costs.

Between 2013 and 2016, the RHP Fund Donors approved EUR 141 million of grants in favour of the Partner Countries’ housing projects, as follows:

Of the total volume of EUR 141 million of approved sub-projects, EUR 77 million, or 55%, went to Serbia, an amount that is in line with the country’s share of the Programme.

Serbia also accounts for the majority of funds disbursed so far, i.e. EUR 26 million out of EUR 52 million, or 51%.

Indeed, the year 2015 - and even more so 2016 - witnessed a significant increase in disbursements to Partner Countries, which shows that implementation of the Programme is now fully underway. At end-October 2016, the total volume of disbursements since the start of the Programme amounted to EUR 51 million.