After the Donors’ Conference held in Sarajevo in April 2012, the CEB, in coordination with the Donors, set up a the RHP Fund, to hold contributions in favour of the RHP.

Fund Governance

After the Donors’ Conference held in Sarajevo in April 2012, the CEB, in coordination with the Donors, set up a fund named the RHP Fund, to hold contributions in favour of the RHP.

The RHP Fund’s governance structure and the conditions applicable to its resources are defined in the General Conditions of the RHP Fund. The RHP Fund’s governance structure is presented here.

At end-2013, all nine Donors who had pledged funds to the RHP Fund during the Donors’ Conference had committed and paid contributions to the RHP Fund.

Of the total EUR 161 million committed, EUR 121 million have been committed by the European Union represented by the European Commission (the “Commission”) , i.e. 75%. In addition, the Commission has committed a bilateral contribution of EUR 27 million to cover technical assistance for the Partner Countries and part of their operating costs, as well as the CEB’s management costs.

The General Conditions of the RHP Fund provide that un-earmarked contributions are preferred. However, they also offer the possibility for a Donor to earmark its contribution for a specific Country Housing Project or a group of Country Housing Projects.

Based on this allocation, the funds held in the RHP Fund at mid-May 2016 are split as follows:

During 2016, the amount of funds held in the RHP Fund decreased significantly, amounting to EUR 77 million at mid-May. This represents a decrease of 18% compared to year-end 2015, when they stood at EUR 94 million. This decrease provides evidence that, after a lengthy preparation phase, the Partner Countries are now fully engaged in the implementation phase of the Programme. More funds are being disbursed to the Partner Countries because they need them to finance the increase in expenditures they face as they implement a growing number of projects.

Between 2013 and 2017, the RHP Fund Donors approved EUR 155 million of grants in favour of the Partner Countries’ country housing projects, as follows:

Of the total volume of EUR 155 million of approved sub-projects, EUR 87 million, or 56%, went to Serbia, an amount that is in line with the country’s share of the Programme.

Serbia also accounts for the majority of funds disbursed so far, i.e. EUR 26 million out of EUR 59 million, or 44%:

Indeed, the year 2016 witnessed a significant increase in disbursements to Partner Countries, which shows that implementation of the Programme is now fully underway. At end April 2017, the total volume of disbursements since the start of the Programme amounted to EUR 59 million.

Funds committed outside the RHP Fund

To ensure that Donors are efficiently represented within the RHP Fund, only those that contribute at least EUR 250 000 may channel their contributions through the Fund. Those countries that pledged less than EUR 250 000 during the Donors’ Conference in Sarajevo in 2012, namely Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and the Slovak Republic, were invited to channel their contributions directly through the CEB.

The above-mentioned countries have committed a total amount of EUR 209 000. These contributions are used by the CEB to pay for RHP-related events or publications. For example, in 2017, part of these funds covered the cost of the 2016 Annual Report of the RHP Fund and the organisation of the RHP Steering Committee meeting held in Paris in December 2016.