CEB Governor Wenzel and State Secretary Jelić meet RHP beneficiaries in Konik, Podgorica

Konik, Podgorica –CEB Governor Wenzel and State Secretary of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare Jelić visit Konik

Yesterday, during his official visit to Montenegro, CEB Governor Rolf Wenzel and State Secretary of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare Vukica Jelić, together with representatives of the City of Podgorica, visited beneficiary families that have recently moved into their new homes in Konik. The visitors heard from several families how much their lives have changed for the better since they could move in to their new homes.

A series of additional measures, undertaken by the Government of Montenegro and the Municipality of Podgorica, such as offering health insurance, organizing school bus transport for all children to different schools in the city and training courses for adults will further contribute to improving the livelihood, access to income and integration of beneficiaries into the local society.

Situated in the area of Podgorica, Konik used to be one of the largest camps in the Western Balkans, hosting internally displaced persons, mainly from Roma communities. Numerous vulnerable families were housed in the shacks, shipping containers, canvas tents and wooden barracks in dire circumstances. In 2012, the camp caught fire, leaving about 800 people temporarily without shelter altogether.

Today, thanks to RHP support, 120 families have left behind their dire accommodation and moved into new flats in the new apartment buildings. Due to important savings, additional apartments could be financed and are now under construction, so that another 51 families will be moving in soon. The 171 RHP funded housing units complement previous assistance financed by the European Union.

Collectively, these projects will enable the definite closure of the Konik camp.

After having met with the families, Governor Wenzel said: “CEB, the only development bank in Europe with an exclusively social mandate, is proud to be partner of the RHP, a programme of high social value and significant regional impact. Thanks to the relentless effort of all RHP stakeholders, over 750 vulnerable individuals have now received sustainable accommodation in Montenegro and another 1 300 individuals will be accommodated by end 2021. This is a laudable achievement and a capital for the future of this country.”

  • 4 Oct, 2018
  • Aleksandra

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