Serbia and CEB signed fifth RHP Grant Agreement

CEB and Serbia signed the fifth RHP Grant Agreement in August, thereby securing a further grant of EUR 36.3 million for Serbia from the RHP Fund. This brings the total of grants approved in favour of Serbia to EUR 71.5 million.

This grant aims at providing durable housing solutions in the places of local integration for 1 712 refugee families (over 5 000 persons), throughout the country. This grant, which is by far the biggest approved by the RHP Assembly of Donors, will partially finance the construction of over
1 200 apartments in close to 30 Serbian municipalities, the largest beneficiaries being Novi Sad, Zemun and Stara Pazova, which shall respectively provide homes to 276, 270 and 165 families.

This project will also finance the purchase of 200 village houses and the provision of 250 packages of building material. While the RHP grant covers 78% of the total estimated cost of the project, Serbia’s own contribution to project implementation amounts to EUR 10.4 million, or 22%.

  • 14 Aug, 2015
  • Jovan

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