“There are no words to describe how much this means to us”, Tintor family, Danilovgrad, Montenegro

Predrag Tintor was born in Glina, Croatia. In 1995, when he was only 11 years old, he and his family fled to Serbia to escape the conflict. In Serbia, the Tintors lived in a sub-let apartment in Smederevo, where Predrag finished his schooling before moving to Montenegro in 2004.

Long after the conflict ended, life remained difficult for the Tintors. In Montenegro, Predrag lived with his spouse, child and parents as a tenant in a very cramped apartment in the small settlement of Pričelje, near Danilovgrad. Working in a local grocery store as a butcher, however, Predrag never lost hope for a better future. Eventually, he managed to save just enough money to buy a small plot of land near Danilovgrad, with a dream of one day saving enough to start building a home for his family of five.

Determined to provide better living conditions for his family, Predrag applied to the Regional Housing Programme (RHP) for assistance in building his home. Reaching out to the RHP proved to be a turning point for the Tintors, as before long, Predrag was accepted as a RHP beneficiary, and finally one step closer to achieving his lifelong dream.

Predrag and his family will move into their newly-constructed house at the beginning of next year. Closely following the completion of their new home, Predrag looks forward to the new phase of their lives, and continues to provide for his family with newfound enthusiasm. “We are overwhelmed and eager to see the completion of our home!”

  • 15 Sep, 2022
  • Jovan

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