Regional Housing Programme Key Achievements booklet published

Paris, 6 December 2023 – The Regional Housing Programme (RHP) – a joint initiative by Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia (the “Partner Countries”) – comes to an end this month, having successfully provided durable homes to more than 11 300 most-vulnerable families – or approximately 36 000 persons – across the four Partner Countries after almost three decades of displacement and hardship.

As a successful large-scale programme and the first joint post-conflict initiative between the Partner Countries, it is clear that the vast experience gained under the RHP can serve as a valuable blueprint for future co-operation in other post-conflict or reconstruction contexts, a conclusion reaffirmed by an independent evaluation of the RHP in September 2023.

With this in mind, the Regional Housing Programme Key Achievements booklet aims to encapsulate the key success factors of the RHP – such as its needs-based approach, leadership by Partner Countries and robust governance structure – that can be replicated in future programmes in the Western Balkans and beyond.