2022 Annual Report of the RHP Fund published


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Paris, 20 April 2023 – As the Regional Housing Programme (RHP) approaches its conclusion in June 2023, no efforts have been spared by RHP stakeholders to ensure its successful completion. These endeavours continued to bear fruit in 2022, with the landmark delivery of the Programme’s 10 000th home to refugee and displaced families in November. The occasion brought the RHP a significant step closer to its final target of delivering approximately 11 300 homes to most-vulnerable persons.

In 2022 alone, keys to 1 300 homes were delivered to an estimated 3 900 persons. Thanks to these additional deliveries, the total number of vulnerable refugees and displaced persons who had received a decent home at year-end exceeded 30 000. Just as importantly, a further 2 100 homes were in progress, boding well for the successful completion of the Programme the following year.

In parallel with implementation activities, initiatives were launched to capitalise on the vast experience of the RHP by extracting valuable lessons learned for potential use in future reconstruction projects, such as in Ukraine.

Finally, in the critical final remaining months, the RHP will count on the sustained joint efforts of Partner Countries and other stakeholders to hand over homes for all selected families, thus contributing to the important reconciliation process across the Western Balkans. In so doing, it is hoped that the RHP legacy will endure, paving the way for lasting peace and regional approaches to other key challenges ahead.

  • 20 Apr, 2023
  • Jovan

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