“The Regional Housing Programme brings the best of the European Union’s cooperation with the Balkans”: 25 displaced families receive keys to new RHP homes in Orašje, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Orašje, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 23 May 2023 – The mood in Orašje, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) was as bright as the weather today, as 25 new Regional Housing Programme (RHP) apartments were delivered to most-vulnerable displaced families. The RHP will come to an end in June 2023, by which time it will have successfully delivered homes to close to 34 000 people.

In addition to the beneficiaries themselves, the event was attended by Sevlid Hurtić, Minister for Human Rights and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina; Gianluca Vannini, Head of Operations, Section for Social Development, Civil Society and Cross-Border Cooperation at the European Union Delegation to BiH; Esad Ivojević, Secretary at the BiH Federal Ministry of Displaced Persons and Refugees; Marijan Oršolić, Mayor of Orašje; Sanja Hamidović, Programme Manager at the EU Delegation to BiH, and Svjetlana Mujezinović, Human Rights Officer at OSCE in BiH, among others.

On behalf of the European Union, the largest Donor to the RHP, Gianluca Vannini stated that he was honoured to share the joy of the families present. “After years living in temporary accommodation, they will be able to find peace and security in their new homes and decent living conditions,” he said. “The RHP brings the best of the European Union’s cooperation with the Balkans – improving everyday life and raising standards.

Mayor Oršolić, Gianluca Vannini, Minister Hurtić and Esad Ivojević cut the ribbon to the RHP building in Orašje

These words were echoed by Minister Hurtić, who observed that the building had been built according to the highest standards of modern housing construction, and thanked the RHP Donors, municipalities, and other stakeholders for making the Programme possible. Mayor Oršolić meanwhile pointed out with satisfaction that the City of Orašje had invested 300 000 BAM (approx. 150 000 euros) in the infrastructure for the building.

Finally, one of the beneficiaries, Kristijan Jukić, also took the occasion to express thanks, on behalf of the 25 families, to RHP Donors, implementing partner organizations, national and local institutions.

RHP beneficiary in one of the new apartments

  • 23 May, 2023
  • Jovan

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